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Related article: Date : Wed, July 16, 2011 Preteens Nude 19 47th 26 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 24 n With Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - Broken Tears 24 broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you will not be reading Preteens Nude this, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. E -mail to: andrewgay41 hotmail. com ------------------------- --------------- --- -------------------------------- --------------- --- ------ Recap -Hello ! Well, the last chapter we saw Ty took all the blame forr Sex with Brandon, when both are guilty. He had a nice conversation with Tom, Tom, where he said his heart and said that Ty was there, and of his heart was always happy. John also suggested the idea of ​​Ty with him to England, but Ty does not seem to want a reason to go, you need to. Ty also cut his hair because he was disgusted with who he was, and The chapter ends with a call from Brandon Ty says some people died. ----------------------------------------------- - - must ------------------------- Preteens Nude **** READ this Chaper, while included in the song \\ \\ n because it was the excitement of this Chapter TRANSMIT much better SONG IS * I was here is Beyoncé ***** **************** ** ***** I was here - [ Brandon POV] Chapter 24 ********************* ** was at home on my phone, and I had a picture of Ty in that country. He smiled and stuck his tongue out next to the mouth. I can not believe Ty. He took everything on himself. I saw the look inface of pure pain, and I make that happen. I I know it's my fault, but I do not know what to do about it. I 'm just eating. Ty 's image was " DINA " replaces as a call from my friend in my phone and clicked accept. " Hi, honey. " I said over the phone. "Brandon, you get to the party? We're almost out. " She said by telephone. " I do not know how they feel today to celebrate the night. " I said, staring at the ceiling. "Brandon, please. We are in the school year has ended and we celebrate it should. The next year will be seniors. It's a great thing! " said excitedly over the phone. " Ok, ok. Something you want to go?" I asked, getting up and going to the box holding the phone to your ear with my shoulder n. " Well, you can take a couple of sodas, because it was able to get that many, and a bottle of vodka, too. " " Ok. I'll be there in ten minutes. "I said closing the phone. I moved to a beautiful long-sleeved shirt and jeans cut a fewwas d of the house, grabbed the keys and a jacket on the way. I went to the store and bought a pair of glasses and a bottle of vodka. I Li- house, and ran through the rain. The bad weather for a party. I remember Ty saying what I was afraid of the rain. I think that s I think he has his reasons... Today, when he says Dina, what happens at the lake house, it was raining. I know why you fear the rain. Ty penetrated my thoughts as I drove home from Dina. I remember his laugh, his smile, the night we had sex. It was perfect, s wonderful. I know I have deep feelings for Ty, but I can not be gay. The way society looks at you and all forms of discrimination , which is simply terrible. I started thinking, when I first saw Ty. It seemed strange in the hallways of the school. that wore glasses, and looked so cute in glasses. That was my first thought. He had a shy smile, his hair was perfect for your angel s face, and walked slowly through the hallways not wanting bothering anyone. Now that I look back, they bully him a lot, but it was I am struggling with my emotions. How immature, huh ? I know. Ty and I regret that you would not believe, but what 's done is done. Then we went to the mockery of intimidation. God, as he drove me crazy with teasing sessions. He made me cum again, and so, not , the fish of my dick in my pants. And ridicule, to feel, even the worst way. I know your feelings are nothing more than love. It s I said, I know, because nobody would be happy to sacrifice for another person, if not for love. I think my feelings are love. Why another thing you have to smile when he enters a classroom? Why, if I am confused, when I hear him sing? Why does my body shake, when his lips to mine? Y I can not believe I asked you to be my fuck buddy... God, I'm so fucking time I moved to Dinas road and got out. The rain had calmed down, and not just fall from the sky. " Brandon, you have it. " Dina ran, jumped out at me from the front door, in my arms and kissed me on the lips. I returned the kiss, not with emotions, but I returned the kiss. " Yes, all for you. " I said kissing her forehead. She blushed and started to walk back to the house when we saw some of Dina 's friends on the other side of the road. They were about to cross without us on the sides, and a car came with n. " Tiffany is a fucking car !" Yelled at her. The three girls, now in the middle of the street, looked up and saw the car coming in the back and her eyes widened in shock. The type of the car got out and moved the bike scared to prevent any n , but one of the girls. He hit one of them with Preteens Nude the back of the car, when he made the change and the car right into a tree, which is Dina garage. The impact was huge, there was a loud bang and the front of the car was completely destroyed. Tiffany and her other friend n took the girl who was beaten and took her home in DenmarkPrisa. Everything was a blur total. Dina phoned 911, and customers , which were in all who came. "Who is the driver? " I heard a voice behind me say at random. " have not been tested. I'll take a Preteens Nude look. " I said and walked towards the car. I went to the driver's side and my heart stopped fucking. the driver was Tom. He looked dead, and I immediately got scared... Ty can be convicted in this car. My heart raced a thousand miles an hour. I have tried to open the door, but was stuck. Therefore, the rear doors. " Someone brings some tools cursed. " People shouted breathlessly. " Who's there, Brandon ?" One girl asked, almost in tears. " is Tom. I do not know who else, but there are more people in the damn car. " I exclaimed. There was a loud shout, and people move calls, I guess. A man brought me a bar of iron, and put them in the crack of the door jammed symptoms. The wheel is pressed firmly against in the chest, and had several cuts on his face, blood gushing. Iopened the door with a loud noise, pushing back his chair, and grabbed Tom. I put it on the ground, and I could feel his breath. My heart was beating so fast... What if Ty is there... I looked into it cough and saw Jeremy in the passenger seat. Some boys broke the window and began to pull his body. Ty... Where are you? Vi in the back seat, and I saw the body of Li put on the plane back seat. It seemed to Tom... Dead. I jumped on his back, carefully and all my strength to hang on doors. It opened with a loud clunk. Li grabbed under her arms and pulled them out carefully, running bridal style. The ambulance arrived, and invited Tom and Jeremy Li in costume in my arms, and she took it all in one. if was closed the doors, they left. He looked at me and stared at the empty space where once they were out of the siren sounding in my ears. "Has anyone called Ty? " I asked the people, and nonswered. " Has anyone called TY ?" I screamed and people shaking their heads. Dina looked at me, but I could care less. I pulled out my cell phone, type their number and called him. " Hello?" Her beautiful voice, a little anxious over the phone answered. I was so relieved to know that I was totally fine. My heart rate is return. "Ty... It was an accident. I think they've died. " I said over the phone. " Who?" He asked. His voice was drowned. " Li... Tom and fine. Jeremy star on " The call was cut, I could run some, a thud, and a terrible sound strange to hear. I grabbed my keys in my pocket, ran to the car, and Dina stopped me. " Brandon, where are you going ?" Asked slighlty dissatisfied. " Dina, do not give me this shit now... His best friend and ex boyfriend could only have died... " I said with a bitter tone, and she reluctantly moved to off the road. I jumped right into my car, started the engine and drove my way back to Ty. The front door wasclosed, so I ran to the backyard of the s. I noticed the roses that Ty said, and he looked sad... If the roses look sad, what it is. I opened the back door and entered the house. I ran up the stairs and heard the wretching noise itself. I opened the bedroom door of Ty, and his phone was on the floor. I went on the noise in the bathroom, and Ty was kept throwing up in the toilet bowl. His hair was short, and reached for toilet paper and cleaning of your mouth. up and gargle some mouthwash. "Fuck, shit !" He hit the sink hard and moaning in pain. It was a sad spectacle. "Ty," he said softly, and looked in the mirror. " Go" He said that down. He washed his mouth and spat, rinsed and examined his face in the mirror. He was pale. "Ty... please. " I said, trying to go. " GO!" He cried when I stepped in "Ty... You look beautiful. " He told me admire his face, though pale and furious. His hair was short, notw. I could see the cute ears, the eyes of his s, and his horse just covered his forehead. It looked beautiful. "What you came for another quick ?" His voice was cold. " Ty, why are you so? " I asked, trying to get closer. " Shame on you, Brandon... All that. I had the opportunity of pure love with Tom, but I fell in love with you, and now he's gone. " N "We know dass "I said, walking closer. " That does not change things... Even if he is still alive, I will love you. I hate to leave me alone now. I have to get to Li... Oh, God. LI " - cried his way to the door. I hugged him. " gonna be okay... I'll take you there. " He let me hug him, cried in my chest, and he looked at me. " Li can not die. Tom can not die, Brandon... " he said through tears. I hugged him tightly to me. Her body felt so good in my arms, it should be. " I know, son. I know. I promise I'll be there for you. " He said, rubbing his back. "to find No, Dina Brandon... what happened... " He said, looking to "Why do you blame ? I was wanting more. " I said sweetly. ", but when I said I would have broken my heart, and that he would, and I know how much you love them. " He said, with sad eyes. " I love you, Ty. " I said, making it to me. "I know Brandon, but can not be gay. " I said, matter of fact. "Sorry. " " No". He pulled away from my arms, and I missed him already. "Ty... I want you so bad.... I love you so much :" I was cut from one of his kisses. His lips gently against mine. " I know... Let's talk later... Please take me to hospital. " He asked with his hands on my chest muscles. I nodded, took her hand and led him down the stairs in my car. I started the car and taken to hospital. [ Ty POV] n Do not kid yourself. Do not flatter yourself. Reapeating Preteens Nude argued that to me when I looked out the car window in Brandon. It seems deep in thought as disk drives. has tWatch Hut 5 up shade that looks very hot on him, and his shirt buttoned extends far beyond his arms. God, when he embraced n I make these weapons, I feel as safe as anything can be bad for me, while I am passing arms around Brandon. I leaned my head against the headrest, Brandon began to wane as soon as we come to the hospital. I felt my heart to contract and new tears streaming down my face... L... Li and her baby... I s only hope that much good. And Tom, I need in my life. He is the light, when all too dark for me. No, we do not love each other as we, but still, I need a lot. N "Thank you, Brandon. " He said that opening the car door. "Ty... hope. Is I can talk to you", he wondered what he was about to leave. "Brandon... I do not think it's time to think about whatever you 're talking about. " I said he nodded a little sad. While I smiled and he smiled back. I closed the door, and left the car as well and took me to the hospital. Ifelt a chill down your spine. After a bad, I my ​​way through the doors, and went to the information. We were in the operating room, where they were sent to carry out the operation of Li and Tom. As we walked down the aisle I saw Jeremy sitting on a bench with his face in his hands, sobbing to herself. I said to him, Brandon left behind. He nodded and leaned against the wall, looking all sexy. " Jeremy," he said rubbing his back. He looked at me with their ragged, his face with a broken heart. ", Y- and- that look different, Ty. " He said, in Preteens Nude my hair, and I ignored them. "How is Li? " I asked him to sit down. He looked down. " She lost the baby. " He told me, grabbed me and cried on my shoulder. L... Li was inconsolable. " I'm sorry, Jeremy. " I said, rubbing his back. " Li.. I love so much. I love more than I loved anyone in my life, and of course I've been excited about our baby. If I was a child, I planned the name of No Dylan, and if a girl, Emma would. "I said with a slight smile on his face. " I know. Those are beautiful names, you know... "He told me smiilng with him, and he smiled back. " You have your nephew, too. "I said sadly... It's true. It occurred to me too! This guy is my nephew. This boy wanted to be a big part my ​​life. Should help raise the baby Li and Jeremy. I felt that the tears of itchy eyes, but refrained. " I know... But Li did not lose, "he said, hugged him tightly to me. " do not know yet, Ty. Li If I lose, I will die. "He cried on my shoulder. He was beaten, her hair tousled and he had cuts n the face. " Do not worry. I know she will be fine. You must be in order. "I said looking up, I remember asking my mom, Li protected. I know they will. I know. " And it was so stupid. Three silly girls on the street appeared from nowhere. Tom tries to move, so it would not meet with them, and ended autumn. God, it was terrible, Ty... "He said, looKing of my eyes. I knew he was reliving the moments. I knew what was happening. My mother died in the is a car accident and I was inside. "I know. Shit happens, but everyone was just fi - " I said, if a doctor went mad and took off the mask. The nurse was right behind him. "Doctor, there 's nothing I can do it. " She said, and my body froze. "He's just a teenager, could not save, dammit. " He said walking away angry. The color drained from my face. ", was a... " " Tom is a doctor, " Jeremy finished the sentence. He looked down and sighed. I stared at the door came. My eyes were unfocused and I felt the room spin. I looked at Brandon, that caught my attention, and accompanied me. He sat beside me and straddled his lap. He put his head on his muscular chest and kissed me on the head. " Sorry, babe. It will be fine. 'm Here. " He said, kissing the top of my head. " TT- Tom, " I cried when I felt powerless in Brandon warm to embrace. u003c u003c Flashback u003c u003c u003c u003c u003c " you are here and here, you are always smiling. " Said Tom to your heart that makes me smile. Then we kiss, a soft kiss. There were no sparks , like when my lips met Brandon, but I could feel the love. u003e u003e u003e today u003e u003e u003e was asleep in the same bank, and Brandon 's arms were wrapped tightly around me. He looked at me and smiled at me and tried to makes me smile too. Tom, why did he die ? Tom, who is so bright and so wonderful, however, is so soft. " Li is well ?" He asked in a throaty voice. " She is still in the dream surgery. Volver. " He said, putting my head on his chest. I felt the muscles of the chest is a comfortable mattress, as I put my head in my s in it. " Brandon, what Dinah ?" No, I asked, my face is still in his chest. " She is in place. " He said, rising. " You know what I mean... " he said, looking at trying to see his eyes. " I can not let go, Ty. I love it. " I said, as if Rehenice ass. " It is not love, Brandon. I love it. 's Exactly what keeps you hanging on the edge of the line, " normal ". I said, visibly upset. " you know not what I feel. I know how to love. "He said, I s in the bank and standing. " Brandon... Would you like to be here for me, or want to be with her? " He said standing up as well. " Ty, we can be friends. "He said, pleading eyes. " I love you too much to be just friends... Brandon, there's nothing holding me back here again. Tom died, the man is still out there lurking, , and the only thing that keeps me here are my friends... And the thought of hope that maybe you love me. "He told me to open it. ", that holds you back ? "Asked, confused. " John... He asked me to go with him to England. I did not want him because he hoped to come to his senses, and now it's gone Tom hits me. Life can be gone in a second, and I do not want to live my life in love with someone who'T want me back... If I want, I go. I'll try to , fall out of love with you, because I do not want to keep my life for you to bet, Brandon. I can not do it for me. "He said that the meeting with his eyes, so that him know that I am only serious about what I said was. " Ty, you can not go. You have your friends and family here. You can forget about me here. "He said, and looked at me with frightened eyes. " I can not stay here, Brandon. I like a lot, and is increasingly a disease every day. "I argued. I looked, and looked as if try to stay with me for a reason. " Ty... Please. You can not decide what size. "He said to mourn about. " Then go and let me go. "I said, more than a whisper. He stepped toward me and retracted. He looked down and walked down the aisle. When Brandon left, came all to collapse, because the only thing that has kept me healthy. The very idea of ​​undead and Tom bothered me again, whatfeel completely useless. I went to the door, where the doctor came and looked through the glass rectangle. My eyes searched the white space and fell on the lifeless body of Tom. I know I was crying, but I could not look away. My heart was crushed. " Tom", I whispered, looking at him... "Go back," he whispered, some hope that, like ringing in the movies, start the machine again, and that all that would be normal again, but did not. I still not in the fact that Tom had died to accept. No. It was too much for a blow to me, it only takes it. God is not far from Tom... Please. "Ty... Li surgery was completed. Most of the damage was done by forced abortion, but she will be fine. " The voice of my father , back me said : "Sorry. " I felt that I rub my shoulder and kissed my forehead. I sighed with relief... Li was in order. She is my salvation, my ​​best friend, my sister. Tom looked at me and expect a miracle. His parents were both looking at his face and gently stroked her cheek, talkingIng him, embraced. I slowly opened the door and entered. Both to me almost immediately. " Hello... My name is Tyler Jacobs. I was the friend of Tom. " I said closer to the feet. She looked so sad. His eyes seemed hollow somehow, , and looked at me with hope, as I was about to bring her son to life. " Tom spoke to you... " His mother said, wiping away a tear with a white handkerchief. " He liked to. Want to come to mind ?" His father asked, looking at me with a sad face. " Of course. I want to sing a song for him there. He knew of my passion for music. " I said, and grabbed Tom 's hand, and kiss. It was cold, very cold. Ice cream left my lips Preteens Nude feel Preteens Nude as if I had kissed a bucket of ice. " That would be great... Can you please give us a few minutes alone with our son? You can come later. Preteens Nude " She said, , as politely as he could. I nodded and left the room. Preteens Nude I put my back against the door, and my body slid athe ground. My knees came to my chin as softly sobbing. I felt someone's hand up to me after atleast ten minutes crying in front of me. "... Ty Li woke up. You will tell you about the baby... you should be there. " Said my father, kneeling in front of me. It was me with sorrow and compassion in his eyes. " OK, Dad. " I got up and ran a hand through his hair. " I like your hair better that way. I can see his face. " He smiled, took my hand firmly, and I accompanied Li rooms. as , which again we heard a deafening cry aloud. "NO NO NO NO! I can! " I hear voices saying Li in his room. "Dad, his parents soon ? " I say faster walking into the room. " You are here in a couple of hours. " Said my father, as it quickly on the way to the halls of Li. She was crying in the arms from a doctor, do not let go of his hand. " I'm sorry. There was nothing to do... " The doctor said reassuringly as he could. " M -m -my baby," she sobbed on his arm. The doctor pressed with teary eyes took my father nodded, and left the room. Li went and took her hand. " Hello", I smiled fakely. "I have my baby. " She said, looking at me. She looked up and confused. Her hair was a mess and her face was drained of blood sad. " I know... But it will be fine. Jeremy already knows, and he is glad to be alive. " I said, rubbing her back. " H -h -ow is Tom?" I asked, looking with sad eyes. " He did not. " I said to understand his hand more tightly, and she was surprised. She hugged me and stared at me for a while. " I like your hair... Why do you cut yourself is ?" She asked to play with him. " was upset at my reflection. " I said, smiling sadly at her. " Well, when I looked in the mirror now, I need a haircut. " She said with a touch of humor. I laughed and felt good. " Are you to be okay? " I asked as he looked at the door. He stood at the door, Jeremy. It seemed as if had run a marathon. heroses in one hand and a box of chocolate candy favorite -Li is on the other. He gave my father s things and went to Li with a somber expression on his face. He grabbed my arms and walked to Li forehead in his. "Never again scared me so... okay?" He asked, kissing her lips with a fierce passion. Li hand pressed against the his back, and sighed with love. The kiss was so passionate, so loving, intimate, which both look like I did and my father removed. "Sorry. " She said breathlessly, after having disconnected. "Do not worry, baby... We'll have our family... If we are ready. " I said, stroking his cheek Li. They kissed again, and I was jealous of that love, passion, the desire of others. It was beautiful. u003e u003e u003e Two days later u003e u003e u003e " Let's go. Are you ready? " Said Li came into my room. She looked incredibly beautiful in black dress she wore. His face had some bruises, which were covered with a little makeup, ad gone to power outages. I managed the draw in my tuxedo and nodded. I caught the bouquet of white roses and half a large red rose and beautiful. I cut especially n the rosebush in the garden. I followed Li below. His parents were there and so was Jeremy, who looked at Li father intimidated. Li talked about losing the baby. They were about to Li and Jeremy do not say disappointed, but that s been more comprehensive than anything else. As you enter the car and went to the funeral, I felt something in my heart that seemed to let it go, Tom, how I wished this was all a dream and woke up early and all was well. arrived at the beautifully decorated church, came in and laid flowers near the open casket symptoms. He saw the inner peace n. I feel sad when I saw his corpse. It hurt to see you there. I sat and Soon the church was crowded. "Life is a circle. For some extremeBut we decide how we see the end. There is always a sad departure, but we must never forget which is a starting point for a better life. No need to drown and suffocate us in the waters of sorrow and pain. We bathe in our own tears of joy when that person and remember how lucky you are... He was here, and we have I remember that like it, happy, joyful, contagious and endearing. "Said the priest. He went to his speech, most of the People nodded in response. Then there were some tears the heart from the words of Tom parents could not dare to look into his eyes. \\ \\ N and after they returned to their seats, I got up and walked down the hall and the church in the center. " Hello... I was friends with Tom, and well, I will never forget him and everything he has done for me, as it warms my heart, with its words and his smile, and that is why I want to sing for him in the today... I know that I never forget. I would like to to know that he died, but livin our hearts. "I said, as the piano started playing, the music was solemn and beautiful reverberated in all the Church * * Beyonce was here -.. n \\ \\ I want my footprints in the sand was to leave at a time white, that was something, and something that left me n When I leave this world, I'm no regrets let's remember something about this, so do not forget to I lived here... I, I loved was here... I have, I did everything I wanted to And not had more than I thought it would be I put my characters we all know was here... I would say that I lived every day, until my death I I had something that was in someone's life touched my heart test I'll let the fact that the difference in this world and see was here... \\ \\ n I lived, I loved was here... I, I've done everything I wanted to And there was more than I thought it would be I leave my mark, so all we I was here... I was here... I lived, I loved was here... I, II wanted to do And there was more than I thought it would be I leave my mark, so we all know was here... just want to know I gave my all, I gave my best Does anyone by chance left this world a little better, just sort.. I was here... I was here... I lived, I Preteens Nude loved I was here... I have, I did everything I wanted to And there was more than I thought it would be I leave my mark, so we all know was here... * I was here - Beyonce * finished the song, my eyes completely closed. I dared not open to the crowd. I did not want to see Tom's parents crying. not mourn someone wanted to see, so I turned around and walked to the coffin with his eyes open. I grabbed Tom 's hand, and put it in my heart. ", who was here. " I said, looking at his face. I leaned against me and kissed his forehead, and though he is dead, your skin n felt hot. I looked at his face and seemed calm, even happy. I let the head andwalked down the aisle, but I did not know return to my home. I went until I left the church, and once he was gone, I found it. I ran as I could. [Brandon POV] n Ty was thinking Preteens Nude since that day in the hospital. Ty I can not let go and hit me like a ton of bricks. I love Ty shit. can I can not imagine the thought of it away from me. That would destroy me, damn it, when he left. So I wanted to talk to him, but not s, even return my calls do not even bother to read my messages. I understand. With the death of Tom, who was in a very bad place right now, and I could not bother you with all my questions. And even today at the funeral I saw him come in. He looked pretty in his tuxedo. The only thing missing was a smile on his face, and would be the nicest person in the room has. sang a beautiful song and kissed Tom, and then walked down the hallway and ran out of the church. I followed as fast I could, but I lost it. I tor house, her garden, and coffee, but I could not find it. I went to and entered the school. The doors opened and I looked inside and saw someone moving in the school garden. I opened the door and ran into the garden. There I was Ty, and he had looked on the floor with a sad look on his face. "Ty... " I said walking towards him. " This was the first time we kissed... it was love Tom. " He told us to go with a hint of a smile on his face. "Ty, come on. " He said walking towards him. "Brandon... you know what I said ?" He said back, sitting, hugging his knees and looking removed. " I have, and I made ​​my decision. " I said, and sat beside him, and he looked at me. " Will you let me go?" He asked us to get on their feet. " I w -" I was finished speaking when someone interrupted. "Brandon, what are you doing here ? " Dina said with a look of surprise when he approached me and Ty. " Nothing. I was talking to Ty... Can you please leave us alone, "I asked as politely as I could. " Brandon, you really need to talk. "She said, looking at Ty nervuosly. " No, Dinah, I'll talk to you later. "I said more or less, and she saw Ty seemed almost frightened. " No, Brandon... I'm pregnant! " All, but I screamed. I stood there in shock and looked clean. I looked at Ty and stood. I looked and then na Dina. " Congratulations, "he said out of the garden, and left me with his jaw hanging. ============================ ========= =========================== ============= ! n the next chapter will be up sooon I hope you enjoyed this story, and as you may have noticed, has type of personal meaning that gave hope.. : D Thank you for the reading and I hope you like my story so far. If you do not read my story together in a list, called Aphrodite and the curse. is the past, you should look up. must in the first 50 floors. once again thank you very much and please e- mail andrewgay41 me hotmail. com, if as my story. Writer, if I call myself love the feedback, and are not too shy ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thank you, Stephen, for editing. You are awesome! N HOPE CHAPTER marked. Stick around because things are going to be Steam About the author Well, hello ! I, Andy. I am the author of this story, and I hope it taste so far. In most of the emails that seem to want to know about me, , like my age, hobbies, etc. Now, I have 18 years, I like to write, as you can imagine me, I love poems and songs, and also to express by words. I want to be a doctor, my favorite color is blue, which looooove Ice is my favorite movie Easy A, and my favorite TV show is, friends! : D I love Chandler, and yes, I kind of have a sense of humor, and that sarcastic wit. : D Well, that's me, and if you have more Do not ask me please e -mail n Love, Andy
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